Captive Solutions

Single Parent Captive

A single-parent captive serves as a tailored insurance solution for companies seeking to insure the risks of both their parent company and its subsidiaries or affiliates. The parent company funds the captive insurance entity according to the regulations of its incorporating jurisdiction. Ideally suited for companies with premiums exceeding $2 million, single-parent captives offer a robust risk management approach. Additionally, captive solutions cater to smaller property and casualty insurance firms through Micro Captives, which accommodate premiums of $2.65 million or less. 

Group Captive

Group captives, which may include associations, are established by unrelated organizations coming together to establish their own insurance entity. Group captives are most suitable for individual organizations with premiums exceeding $300,000. By pooling their risks with other reputable companies, members benefit from the inherent risk diversification. Group captives can be categorized into two types:

  • Homogeneous: These captives solely cover risks within a specific industry.
  • Heterogeneous: These captives cover a diverse range of industries.


A rent-a-captive arrangement allows an entity to "join" an established captive insurance entity sponsored by an insurance company or third party. Instead of creating and funding their own captive, entities can lease the capital and surplus of an existing captive facility. This arrangement, available for a fee, can be utilized by individual organizations or groups of companies. Rent-a-captive arrangements are most suitable for single entities with premiums exceeding $1 million or groups with premiums surpassing $3 million.

Our team will collaborate with you to assess the suitability of a captive insurance structure and determine the most appropriate type of captive for your needs. 

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