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Experience unparalleled HR and operational excellence through our fusion of premium services and state-of-the-art technology. Elevate your business trajectory as we revolutionize your HR processes and business administration, granting you the freedom to focus on realizing your bold entrepreneurial vision.

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HR Functional Assessments

We offer a customized assessment of your current HR systems and processes that identifies critical gaps that may impact our clients, profits, and overall well-being. The findings not only pinpoint alignment opportunities to meet your future goals, but they also help you navigate practical steps that are essential to drive your business toward success. And the best part? We offer this service free of charge.

HR System Selection & Implementation

HRIS implementation is a strategic endeavor involving the introduction of new HR software into an organization's tech infrastructure. This comprehensive process encompasses evaluating existing HR processes, selecting the most suitable software solution, rigorously testing its functionality, integrating it with current systems, providing training to users, and finally, rolling out the software across the organization.; Overall, HRIS implementation aims to streamline HR operations, improve data accuracy, and elevate the employee experience through efficient automation and integration.

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Payroll & Tax Reporting Solutions

We recognize the challenges of managing payroll and time administration in the US. It's undeniably complex. That's why we've partnered with leading online payroll systems, empowering you to consistently deliver accurate and timely results your business can rely on.

Navigating payroll management requires resilience and precision. The potential for errors looms large, leaving no margin for mistake. HR and finance teams often grapple with:

  • Fluctuating and evolving tax and compliance regulations across different states.
  • Unexpected alterations or delayed approvals that impede processing.
  • Limited understanding and transparency regarding payroll and time data.
  • Reliance on manual procedures or obsolete payroll technology.

Your payroll software solution ought to alleviate the burden of payment processing and instill assurance in the accuracy of outcomes.

Attention to detail is paramount in payroll management, where even minor factors can have significant impacts. Our payroll and HRIS partners offer comprehensive suites of payroll and timekeeping features, complemented by inclusive payroll tax services.

Benefits Administration

Simplify Your Administration and Benefits Management with Cerebrum Strategic Advisors

As your business evolves, navigating administrative tasks and staying compliant with regulations can become overwhelming. Let Cerebrum Strategic Advisors be your local partner in streamlining these processes, offering:

  • User-friendly tools and advanced technology for easy online benefits enrollment, efficient employee communications, and eligibility management.
  • Services tailored to streamline both onboarding and offboarding processes for your employees.
  • Solutions to ensure regulatory compliance and simplify reporting, including assistance with 5500 and ACA Reporting.
  • Expert guidance in offering and managing payment account solutions.
  • Convenient billing reconciliation tools.
  • Comprehensive services for COBRA and retirement plan management.

Let Cerebrum Strategic Advisors be your trusted partner in simplifying administration and managing benefits effectively.

Tax Credits & Incentives

Our partner specializes in consulting and processing incentives and tax credits, with a focus on federal and state tax credit programs and disaster relief incentives for employers nationwide, including those in Puerto Rico.

Federal Tax Credits

  • WOTC – The Work Opportunity Tax Credit is a federal hiring incentive that may provide a tax credit worth up to $9,600.
  • Federal Paid-Leave Tax Credit – The federal tax credit for employer-provided paid family and medical leave.
  • Geographic Incentives – The Federal Government has designated certain economically depressed areas as tax advantage areas.
  • Empowerment Zones (EZ) – Up to $3,000 per qualified employee per year.

Disaster Credits

  • Employers located in a qualified disaster zone may be eligible for federal disaster relief employee retention tax credits, up to $2,400 per eligible employee.

State and Local Tax Credits

  • There are well over 3,000 state and local tax credits and incentives available to businesses throughout the United States to incentivize economic development, hiring and other certain business activities. A few examples include geographic and hiring based incentives, research and development credits, investment tax credits, discretionary grants and incentives, utility rebates and property tax abatements. These incentives can be lucrative to businesses and can at times lead to above the line operating savings.


Professional Employer Organizations

Effectively overseeing HR and health insurance are some of the most time consuming and costly aspects of running a small or mid-sized organization. Cerebrum Strategic Advisors PEO partner, specializes in reducing HR and health insurance costs for small to mid-sized businesses through Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) and other HR outsourcing solutions. PEO services can reduce the time spent shopping and managing vendors by 80-90%.

As the largest privately owned PEO in the industry, Cerebrum Strategic Advisors PEO partner has the deep expertise and broad experience to deliver:

  • Fortune 500-style health insurance plans at competitive rates.
  • HR technology solutions to streamline benefits administration and access for employees.
  • Assistance with onboarding, offboarding, training and recruiting.
  • Risk and safety mitigation.
  • 401(k) management.

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