Employee Benefits

We specialize in guiding the design and management of your benefits to ensure they align perfectly with your needs. Leveraging our strategic insights, robust data analysis, and inventive approaches, we assist organizations in maximizing their benefits investment by minimizing risks and cutting costs, all while meeting the diverse needs of their employees. 

Group Benefits

Cerebrum Strategic Advisors offers a handpicked range of cost-effective group benefit options from reputable providers. Our certified agents are available to offer tailored suggestions and assist you through the application and enrollment process, without any obligation or pressure to sign up.

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Executive Benefits

Executive benefits are a thoughtful and strategic approach to creating attractive packages for key personnel. Not just for executives, these programs are structured to provide sufficient income protection and retirement savings for employees earning above the group or qualified plan limits.

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Benefits Administration

Simplify Your Administration and Benefits Management with Cerebrum Strategic Advisors

As your business evolves, navigating administrative tasks and staying compliant with regulations can become overwhelming. Let Cerebrum Strategic Advisors be your partner in streamlining these processes, offering:

  • User-friendly tools and advanced technology for easy online benefits enrollment, efficient employee communications, and eligibility management.
  • Services tailored to streamline both onboarding and offboarding processes for your employees.
  • Solutions to ensure regulatory compliance and simplify reporting, including assistance with 5500 and ACA Reporting.
  • Expert guidance in offering and managing payment account solutions.
  • Convenient billing reconciliation tools.
  • Comprehensive services for COBRA and retirement plan management.

Let Cerebrum Strategic Advisors be your trusted partner in simplifying administration and managing benefits effectively.

Benefits Enrollment

Streamlined Benefit Enrollment

Navigating annual benefits enrollment can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Questions arise about the cost of benefits for the upcoming year, any changes made, and which plan suits both individual and family needs. Often, employees receive information packets without clear guidance. Our team of skilled Benefit Counselors is poised to assist, ensuring a smooth process for communication and enrollment. Research indicates that employees who grasp their benefit packages are more inclined to remain loyal to their employer. Let us collaborate with you to implement a strategy fostering employee loyalty.

Adaptable Solutions

Choose between implementing our licensed platforms or training our team to integrate seamlessly with your existing enrollment system.

Employers are diligently enhancing their benefit packages, investing significant resources in comprehensive Total Rewards Packages to stay competitive. In today's economy, retaining and attracting top talent is paramount. However, without effective communication of benefits to employees, the value of a great benefits package may be overlooked. This is where Cerebrum Strategic Advisors steps in to provide assistance.

Captive Solutions

Uncover Lower Expenses and Enhanced Oversight

In today's landscape, employers possess a plethora of insurance alternatives beyond conventional plans, such as employee benefit group captives. These captives empower similar employers with staff sizes ranging from 100 to 500 to establish and oversee their insurance entity. The outcome is decreased expenses and heightened command over employee benefits.

Individual Coverage

The evolving workforce brings about diverse insurance requirements for both you and your employees. We provide a range of personalized solutions tailored to individuals experiencing transitions or those ineligible for group benefits, including:

  • Individual and family options both on and off the public exchange marketplace.
  • Pre- and post-65 resources to help your employees make informed choices.
  • Additional coverage options to provide more security.
  • Concierge service that works with employees directly, removing you from the process.
  • A trusted advisor who understands the individual marketplace.

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Wellness Care

Today, it is crucial to prioritize the implementation and support of a robust workplace wellness program as a strategic necessity for any sustainable employee benefits initiative. 

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Retirement Plans

At Cerebrum, our dedicated team specializes in providing access to retirement plans. With our wealth of experience and expertise, we are fully equipped to cater to your organization’s requirements.

Our partners go beyond mere investment analysis, they collaborate with you to tailor a solution that precisely aligns with your company's unique needs, while safeguarding fiduciaries against undue risks.

Our financial advisors are investment advisory representatives of Cerebrum Financial Services LLC ("Cerebrum Financial"). Cerebrum Financial Services LLC is a registered investment adviser with the Pennsylvania Department of Securities and Banking and only transacts business in states where it is properly registered or is excluded or exempted from registration requirements. Cerebrum Strategic Advisors is not affiliated with Cerebrum Financial Services.
Information presented is for your educational purposes only and should not be regarded as a complete analysis of the subjects discussed. Discussions and answers to questions do not involve the rendering of personalized investment advice, but are limited to the dissemination of general information. A professional advisor should be consulted before implementing any of the options presented.

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