Group Benefits

Group Health Insurance

Irrespective of your business's size, unlocking the potential of a vibrant and thriving workplace is within reach. At Cerebrum Strategic Advisors, we specialize in curating health plans that not only foster a healthier workforce but also elevate productivity and magnetize top talent. Dive into our handpicked selection of affordable group health insurance plans, meticulously crafted in collaboration with trusted carriers. Let our licensed agents be your compass, navigating you through personalized recommendations and seamless enrollment processes, all without the burden of obligation. Join us in sculpting a workplace where well-being and success converge effortlessly.

Group Dental Insurance

Unlock unparalleled access to an expansive array of coveted services, curated to meet the desires of discerning employees and endorsed by top-tier dental professionals. Elevate your benefits package with our dynamic provider network, granting exclusive access and substantial savings that resonate with both your team and their dental experts.

Group Vision Insurance

Elevate your team's vision health with unparalleled group vision insurance that goes above and beyond. Industry-leading standard features not only promote essential eye care but also safeguard your employees from hefty out-of-pocket expenses. Provide your team with the best in vision coverage, setting a new benchmark for employee care and ensuring their visual wellness is always a priority.

Group Life Insurance

Elevate your team's peace of mind with our cutting-edge group life insurance solutions. Empower your employees to safeguard their families' futures with ease and confidence. Our comprehensive coverage and support resources ensure that your team can focus on what matters most, knowing that their loved ones are well-protected. 

Group Disability Insurance

This dynamic coverage serves as a strategic buffer against the unpredictable nature of sickness or injury. Here's the essence: when individuals find themselves unable to work due to such circumstances, this insurance provides a lifeline in the form of a monthly cash benefit. It's not just about financial compensation; it's about fostering peace of mind and stability amidst uncertainty. By integrating this coverage into your portfolio, you're not just mitigating risks – you're empowering your clients to navigate life's twists and turns with confidence and resilience.

Group Home & Auto Insurance

Imagine a shield of financial security enveloping your team, shielding them from the unexpected dings of car mishaps and the sudden blows of home emergencies. With our innovative approach, we don't just offer insurance; we provide a pathway to financial empowerment. Join us in revolutionizing your workforce's preparedness, ensuring they navigate life's highways with confidence and ease.

Group Legal Services

Elevate your peace of mind as we embrace the essentials, from navigating traffic violations to expertly handling debt collection defense, consumer law matters, and even the complexities of divorce - all under the umbrella of comprehensive legal protection. Enrolled employees can seamlessly manage their well-being by paying incredibly affordable monthly premiums through the convenience of payroll deduction. Embrace a future where legal worries are a thing of the past, and your workforce thrives in a secure and empowered environment.

Critical Illness

Your ultimate shield against the financial uncertainty of a critical health diagnosis! While core health insurance might leave you grappling with uncovered costs and personal expenses during recovery, Critical Illness Insurance steps in to offer peace of mind and financial security. With generous cash benefits for covered diagnoses, it complements your existing insurance, ensuring you're never caught off guard. From hospital bills to everyday essentials like groceries, the flexibility of our cash benefits knows no bounds – because your well-being shouldn't be limited by restrictions. 


Receiving medical care for a broken bone, laceration, or any accidental injury shouldn't drain one's finances. However, most medical plans only cover a fraction of the expenses. Accident Insurance supplements existing major medical coverage, providing an additional layer of financial protection. This added security alleviates financial concerns, allowing individuals to focus on their recovery without undue stress about expenses.


Cancer Insurance provides monetary benefits following a cancer diagnosis or specific illnesses. These benefits alleviate financial burdens during challenging periods, enabling individuals to concentrate on their treatment and healing process without worrying about finances.

Identity Protection

Cybercrime looms as an ongoing danger, where wrongdoers persistently seek to harvest, document, and exploit individuals' personal data without consent. They utilize tactics such as data breaches, data sharing, tracking, phishing schemes, social media deceptions, and credit card skimming to gain entry into accounts or pilfer financial records, constituting identity theft, a grave offense. Fortunately, Identity Protection harnesses cutting-edge technology, actionable alerts, and adept remediation skills to deliver robust solutions against contemporary threats. 

Pet Insurance

Pets are cherished members of the family. When a beloved furry friend falls ill or gets injured, we spare no effort in ensuring their well-being. However, veterinary expenses can accumulate rapidly. This is where Pet Insurance plans prove invaluable.

Pet insurance plans for dogs and cats offer reimbursement for unforeseen vet expenses. Regardless of age, we offer insurance coverage for pets, including seniors. You have the flexibility to customize deductible and reimbursement rates to suit your pet's requirements and your financial constraints. 

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